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Rules of the Center for Medical Simulation

Following the relevant laws and internal regulations in effect the rules of the Center for Medical Simulation are set as follows

  • Students must appear for the practices in time. Entering or leaving the building during class hours is forbidden.
  • Students should appear on the classes in appropriate clothes.
  • Use of the student lockers is compulsory. Only those objects are allowed into the classrooms that are needed for the education. Clothes and bags are not allowed, these must be placed in the lockers. The Center shall not take responsibility for valuables independent whether students place them in the lockers or keep them with themselves.
  • It is advised that everyone uses their own locks for the lockers. If needed locks can be obtained at the technicians of the Center in exchange for a student ID. If the key of the lock is lost the resulting costs shall be covered by the student.
  • Students should only be present in the classroom during the practice when supervised by a teacher.
  • Students must come to the classes prepared to the best of their knowledge.
  • Students must use the devices as stated in their manual. Students are not allowed to use these devices without proper supervision.
  • Damages that occur in the devices due to improper usage or not following the orders of the teacher shall be pay for by the responsible student(s).
  • Microphones and cameras capable of real time audiovisual recording are found in all classrooms of the Center. There are used for recording videos that are stored for educational and security purposes.
  • In order to avoid disturbing the patient care at the adjacent Department of Ophthalmology, do not cause excessive noise in the classrooms and on the corridor.
  • Everyone is required to keep the order and the cleanness of the Center and its surroundings.
  • Food and drinks can only be eaten in the corridors. Garbage should be placed in the available garbage cans.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the entire campus of University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center including the Center for Medical Simulation.
  • During class hours mobile phones should not be used in the classrooms. In other cases mobile phones should only be used when it will not disturb others and the order of the Center.
  • One must obtain prior permission to connect any device to the electric outlets in the Center.
  • It is forbidden to use any device that would in any way interfere with the operation of the Center and the order of the classes.
  • All personnel of the Center, every teacher and student who has a class in the Center must keep the regulations on property protection that is furniture and the equipment of the Center should be used as appropriate, they should be cared for and protected. Any action that results in the damage of the property shall initiate a responsibility claim.
  • Student ethical norms, as described in the second half of the Ethical Codex of the University of Debrecen shall be in effect for everyone who participates as a student in the classes of the Center.
  • All personnel of the Center, every teacher and student who has a class in the Center must keep the Fire and Safety Rules of the University of Debrecen. Any hazard or accident should be reported to the personnel of the Center.

The Rules of the Center must be obeyed, everyone shall be held responsible for disobedience.


Updated: 2018.07.06.

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